Election Campaign eFiling and Reporting System

Bits eFile365 enables dynamic Election Campaign's e-Filing and Reporting System using a familiar authentication and retrieval system.

eFile365 software system is highly configurable and has the ability to cater to the business needs of both Government and private industry in the area of electronic filing and reporting capabilities.

eFile365 is implemented for State of New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission

Bits Reports Viewer

Bits Reports Viewer is an innovative reporting tool to generate data driven reports from any modern relational database. The tool and the solution developed by Binary Tech Systems that provides a wide range of reporting functionality.

Bits Reports Viewer is highly configurable and has the ability to cater to the business needs of both Government and private industry in the area of generating and viewing reports. Both ad hoc and detailed reporting features provide excellent user experience.

Bits DataMiner

Bits DataMiner is an innovative document imaging and management software solution developed by Binary Tech Systems that provides a wide range of functionality including scanning, sorting, image processing, indexing, data and content storage, as well as rapid information retrieval. Data integrity is the cornerstone of DataMiner’s architectural blueprint safe‐guarding business data and information from being altered, over‐written or corrupted and improves business efficiencies with built‐in administrative utilities geared toward optimized data and content management.

Bits DataMiner is highly configurable and has the ability to cater to the business needs of both government and private industry in the area of document storage and retrieval. Both ad hoc and detailed reporting features provide system manage with a “checks and balances” approach.

PDF Manipulation Language Software Solution is an easy, intuitive and visionary pdf solution for small, medium and large corporations. It brings an easy one-stop workflow solution to design pdf , host pdf , collect data and produce data with filled pdf.

PML Add-on for Crystal Reports

PML Add-on for Crystal Reports provides .NET solution for .NET windows applications to create PDF documents from Cyrstal Reports on the fly. It also provides flexiblity to save the created documents in the desired storage. The add-on can easily be attached to any windows .NET project solution through dll reference.

BITS Extractor

Bits Extractor - Document import utility provides the capability of performing documents extracts from IBM FileNet Imaging Servers or IBM FileNet Document/Content Servers . Document images and its meta data (index values) extracted from the FileNet server are written to a Windows file system..

The import utility can be configured to extract documents and/or index values from the FileNet server and stores them into disk files or common database such as SQL server or Oracle server. Additonal customization can be written to transform Single-page TIFFs or multi-page TIFFs to PDF documents.

PDFML Connector

PDFML Connector is an add-on to PDF Manipulation Language (PDFML). It is developed with .NET technologies that takes CSV file with defined format and translates the data that is suitable for PDFML Data input. Its features include,

  • Define Multi-Rows Data Format
  • Validate Mulit-Rows Data Format
  • Verify Data downloads
  • Measure Data and accept only the data accepted by the target PDFML Data Structure
  • Display Error on erroneous Records
  • Accept only valid Data Files CSV

BITS Web Services and Connector

BITS Web Services and Connector, a closed and secured .NET web services for transporting file resources from .NET windows application client to the web server with multi-level security including but not limited to Transport level security, message level security with optional Rijndael encryption (128-bit Symmetric encryption algorithm) for the file resources. Its features include,

  • Implementation WS-Security (Soap Extension)
  • Token based authentication
  • Ability to connect to Scanning software servies such as McAfee to scan for malicious viruses.
  • Provides service endpoints for the client to make asynchronous service calls
  • Provides error mechanism for the client on unsuccessful file transfer
  • Provides graceful Connection Timeout issues

Navistree consulting

We host and maintain navistree consultant's website.

Simplified Org Chart

This product gives you an elegant solution to your organizational chart needs. This product also provides you a simplified Microsoft ® .NET Web control that you can use in your systems to create your company'customized s org-chart. The solution lets the user to customize the format of the org chart. The software has got intellisense to determine the content length depending upon the hierarchical position of the box. It has got a mechanism to cusotmize the foreground and background color of the box with the sophisication of adding pictures to the box.

* All refereneced third party products may have copy-righted information that are goverened by the respective companies. Binary Tech Systems made only references and not responsible for the products or its functionalities.